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What are the capabilities?

Android & iOS Application

beautifully and user friendly designed applications which can be customized as your need are already provided for you with numerous capabilities.

Web-based Management System

a powerful web-based management and support system which makes you capable to define multiple agents with custom access, manage your customers, manage currencies and exchange rates, track turnover and so on.

Completely White Label

everything goes with your brand, your logo and your name! applications, web-based panel, certifications, URLs and …


RESTful API and Plugins

you will have a RESTful API and necessary plugins for common CMSs which would allow your customers or any online store to use your wallet as a payment method or payment gateway!

Multi Currencies

you would have an eWallet which is capable to support almost any currency and any country!


Crypto Currency

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash and… no matters! you can support each one in your wallet, exchange them to each other or real currencies, cash them and so on.

We help you in...

Upsym helps you in legal and operational as the same as technical part.


Exchange & Transfer Money Withdraw Money Pay by NFC & QRcode Charge Wallet High Security Various Services
Support Ticket System Manage Users Send Message & Notification Manage Currencies & Exchange Rates Manage Transactions KYC(Know Your Customer)

some of our customers


Technical ✔️
Legal ✔️
Operation ✔️


Technical ✔️
Legal ✔️
Operation ✖️


Technical ✔️
Legal ✔️
Operation ✔️


Technical ✔️
Legal ✖️
Operation ✖️

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